30 November 2022

SMK Telkom Malang Open Recruitments

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SMK Telkom Malang Sandhy Putra Malang is opening recruitments for educational staff as follows:

1. Staf HubinKom

Job Profile :

  1. Receptionist
  2. Customer Service for PPDB
  3. Front Desk
  4. Social Media Admin (part of)
  5. Collaborative Working

2. Staf TU (KUG)

Job Profile :

  1. Receptionist
  2. DAPODIK Admin
  3. Tuition Fees Admin (SPP)
  4. Expert in MS Office
  5. Collaborative Working

3. Staf Sarpra

Job Profile :

  1. Customer Service for Stakeholders (Students/Teachers/Staff)
  2. Inventory Work
  3. IT Technician Support
  4. Collaborative Working

The applicants are required to fullfil some documents as follows:

  1. Cover Letter and CV
  2. A copy of identity card
  3. A copy of diploma along with transcription
  4. Foto 4x6
  5. A copy of sertificate of competences

The registration will be closed on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023. 

Send your documents here : https://bit.ly/RekrutStaf2023

Contact Person :
Lailatul Istiqomah: 085102077852
Milutfiana Devi: 085100077854
Bias Damiasa: 082337733234

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